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4 different brands give service within Loco entertainment as; Alcoholoco Bar Services, Loco Academia, Loco Space and Refresh’in.

The place, which has taken its name the “Loco Space” from Loco Entertainment, is constructed on an area of 250m2 and it is a studio that can be rented for any kind of event. Loco Space offers different alternatives for corporate or special events, in-company trainings and meetings, film and commercial shootings, dinner invitations, parties and many other organizations.

“Loco Academia”, which is another brand of Loco Entertainment, gives several different services within. Cocktail and taste workshops are organized in Loco Academia to create brand new alternatives for the in-company motivation activities.

Alcoholoco is the brand that comes forward as a brand that puts the bar catering understanding to the event sector. Alcoholoco, which is the best representative of taste, visually and extraordinary presentation with its high-level service quality, carries the last point of mixology to the events with its professional team. Alcoholoco, which has hundreds of mixology receipts of its own and has alternatives of costumes and wide bars prepared for different concepts, is the creator and leader of the sector.

Our new brand “Refresh’in”, which we have created from the healthy life trends, has gourmand tastes prepared with new techniques within. The additive-free fruits and vegetables are processed by using “Cold Press” (slow squeeze) technology and prepared without losing essences and vitamins. It presents coffee alternatives prepared by new infusion techniques like “cold brew”, “aeropress”, “sifon” by grinding 100 % Arabica seeds on daily basis.

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